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About Us

BritRail's attractive range of passes and point to point tickets offers great value, convenience and flexibility for exploring Britain. The British rail network allows access to fascinating destinations in England, Scotland and Wales but remember BritRail's products are not available for purchase in Britain so please purchase prior to departure from 1 866 BRITRAIL (North America) or

BritRail is a trademarked name of the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) of Britain. BritRail was created as an initiative by the many private railway companies of ATOC in order to entice international travellers to visit Britain and explore its countryside by train.

BritRail is marketed and operated by ACP Rail International and is the exclusive international representative of the UK's National Rail network. Since 2000, ACP Rail International has been the official distributor of the BritRail product line to visitors from around the world.

With an unsurpassed assortment of rail tickets, passes, complimentary products and network partners, ACP Rail International is the destination for all your international rail needs.
In addition to BritRail, ACP Rail International has many other major railway contracts with companies such as Eurail, the Scandinavian Railways, Japan Rail East and many others. Visit to find out more.

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