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Point to Point Tickets

If you have a specific journey to make between 2 selected stations, then a point to point ticket is right for you! One of the great features of a point to point ticket is there are no restrictions as to the day, time or train so you have the flexibility to change your itinerary as you please. And the best part is stopovers are allowed en route so you can hop on and off the train as often as you wish in the direction of your destination.

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Seat & Sleeper Reservations

If you have a BritRail Pass or a point to point ticket, then you can make seat reservations per person, per train for a nominal fee. Although reserving a seat is not required, it is recommended if you want peace of mind and an assured a seat on a specific train. Perhaps you have a plane to catch and don’t want to chance it or you want to travel during rush hour and don’t want to stand among the crowd.

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