Suggested Itineraries

Planning Your Trip

A BritRail Pass gives you the freedom to travel as you please. If your objective is to come back home with a unique travel experience, just the one that reflects your personality, then the BritRail Pass is a must. It will open a world of British scenic discovery in a very affordable and flexible fashion.

In order to help you optimise your travel experience we are providing you with our advice on suggested destinations and routes to travel. Remember that rail is the most civilised way of travel in Britain. You can get just about anywhere by train. Below are sample itineraries. The figures in parenthesis () indicate the approximate rail journey time between stations in hours. Anything is possible with a BritRail Pass.

ITINERARY 1 - Universities, Lochs and Lakes:

  • London Kings Cross to
  • to Cambridge (1hr)
  • to York (2hr 30min)
  • to Edinburgh (2hr 30min)
  • to Inverness (3hr 30min)
  • to Glasgow (3hr 30min)
  • to Windermere (2hr 45min)
  • to London Euston (4hr 30min).

ITINERARY 2- East Meets West:

  • London Kings Cross to
  • to York (2hr)
  • to Edinburgh (2hr 30min)
  • to Glasgow (1hr)
  • to LondonEuston (5hr 45min).

ITINERARY 3 - Up the East Coast to Scotland:

  • London to Norwich (2hr)
  • to York (3hr)
  • to Edinburgh (2hr 30min)
  • to London Euston (5hr).

ITINERARY 4- The Grand Tour:

  • London to York (2 hr)
  • to Edinburgh (2hr 30min)
  • to Inverness (3hr 30min)
  • to Glasgow (3hr 30min)
  • to Windermere (2hr 30min)
  • to Birmingham(3hr)
  • to Bath (2hr)
  • to Penzance (4hr 30min)
  • to Exeter (3hr 30min)
  • to Salisbury (1hr 45min)
  • to London (1hr 30min).

ITINERARY 5 - Historical Britain:

  • London to Bath (1hr 30min)
  • to Cardiff (1hr 15min)
  • to Chester (3hr 15min)
  • to Manchester (1hr)
  • to York (1hr 30min)
  • to London (2hr).

ITINERARY 6 - Cathedrals, baths and Castles:

  • London to Portsmouth (1hr 30min)
  • to Salisbury (1hr 15min)
  • to Bath (1hr)
  • to Birmingham (2hr)
  • to Glasgow (4hr 30min)
  • to Edinburgh (1hr)
  • to York (2hr 30min)
  • to London (2hr).

ITINERARY 7 - A Trip to Ireland and Wales:

  • London to Chester (2hr 30min)
  • to Holyhead (1hr 30min) where you catch the HSS (Fast Ferry)
  • to Dublin/Dun Loaghaire (1hr 45min)
  • to Rosslare (2hr 30min)
  • for Ferry to Fishguard, Wales (3hr 45min)
  • to Cardiff (2hr 30min)
  • to London (2hr).

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